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faqs !

Here's some feckin' faq's for ya

Who is/what is dirt spindle pottery?

dirtspindle pottery is the clay baby/ies of emma canning. hi! that's me! each of the pieces are made by me: wheel-thrown, altered & birthed at cone 6 through an electric kiln named hubert j. creston. (born in 1968 & still a hot rod that hubert!) each glaze is specially formulated & mixed as well as certain experiments of clay bodies that mix together to form new bodies. each body part in the body series is body-casted of a real person using alginate (the material dentists use to make molds of your teeth) which is then made into a sprig mold so that I can apply it to the wheel thrown pieces. depending on the form of the vessel & body part each piece develops it's own personality. & let me tell you, some of 'em are hard to deal with. 

Do you body cast strangers?

I sure do! Just kidding! mostly myself & my friends! But, if you live in Vancouver - or are coming to visit & you would like your mouth, nose or ear casted & put on a ceramic thing, please contact me! I will make you a free (& ship for free) piece for each body part you give me but you will be bound to letting me use that molded part in my pottery forevermore. dun dun dun. 

Is your work food-safe, microwave safe, dishwasher safe?

all of my work is food & microwave safe UNLESS stated otherwise within the piece description! (i.e things with piercings NOT microwave safe!) 
my pieces can go in the dishwasher BUT i recommend hand-washing for longevity because they are handmade! dishwashers put handmade pieces through major temperature changes in which can be hard on the piece & make it weaker over time!

so treat with love <3

SHIPPING? What the heck is up with it!?

so. yes. shipping absolutely sucks, it's expensive & i'm sorry I'm not amazon prime. & because I'm in canada. i have to use canada post. & input every calculation manually b/c it's not supported by most US website platforms. it's a complicated relationship!
So, what I've done is assigned a set shipping price determined by the the weight & size of the objects when they are fully packaged. 

it goes as such:

Regular canada post ground shipping with tracking #:
*WITHIN CANADA: 0 - 3lbs = $20
                    3.5- 6.5lbs = $30
                    7-10 = $40

**USA:      0 - 3lbs = $25
                    3.5- 6.5lbs = $35
                    7-10 = $45

***UK:     0 - 3lbs = $40
                    3.5- 6.5lbs = $70
                    7-10 = $100

****(I am not responsible for customs or duty fees for your country)

Pick up is free! Just select the local pickup option & get in contact with me!

SHIPPING: how long does it take?

i package within 1-4 days of purchase & then it takes about
1-3 weeks to be delivered to you. 

I do regular ground canada post shipping with tracking, it is slow but it is the cheapest option for you. it usually takes 1-3 weeks depending on where you live & I am not responsible for delays due to border crossing (i hope that does not happen). 

if you would like your item expedited or xpresspost to get it faster, contact me & I will make a shipping estimate but I'll have to charge you the extra cost. keep in mind this can be very expensive! (eep!)

Do you do custom orders?

Not at the moment.

Do you do wholesale or consignment in shops?

yes i do! But currently, I am not taking any new wholesale or consignment clients.

thank you for the interest though!