small bowl: half jack white

small bowl: half jack white


hi, i’m not half jack white because he usually wears black and I don’t know him
but anyways you can be my other half by filling up my void with something tasty. I’m best for cold foods, like ice cream or cereal or uh. POTATO SALAD!

I am wheel-thrown, made out of a gritty speckled stoneware that is sanded smoother for your touch. I am very nice to hold in the palm of your hand, it’s where I naturally want to be- as if you’re my lover caressing my cheek.

* food-safe, glazed with a creamy white glaze on the interior.
*microwave-safe, i’ll be hot to touch though
*dishwasher safe- but I recommend hand-washing me for longevities sake, because the dishwasher over time with its’ drastic change in temperature will shock my body- and we don’t want that do we?

approx. 4.8x4.8x2 inches

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