small bowl: half jack

small bowl: half jack


hi, i’m half a face. like… the phantom of the opera… two-face?
but you can complete me by filling up my void with something tasty. I’m best for cold foods, like ice cream or cereal or uh. POTATO SALAD!

I am wheel-thrown, made out of a gritty speckled stoneware that is sanded smoother for your touch. I am very nice to hold in the palm of your hand, it’s where I naturally want to be- as if you’re my lover caressing my cheek.

* food-safe, glazed with a creamy white glaze on the interior.
*microwave-safe, i’ll be hot to touch though
*dishwasher safe- but I recommend hand-washing me for longevities sake, because the dishwasher over time with its drastic change in temperature will shock my body- and we don’t want that do we?

approx. 5x5x2.5 inches

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